Nursing / Breastfeeding cover


Keeping you and baby covered whilst feeding


As we all know, breastfeeding is very important for every child. This is because breast milk contains nutrients that can’t be found in other foods. It also boosts the immunity of a child.

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to bond with your little one. Nothing should stop you from bonding with your child even if you are not at home. Many nursing moms find it difficult to breastfeed in public. A nursing cover fully covers your exposed areas and protects your baby from distraction.

The following are the benefits of using nursing covers.

·         They provide physical and mental comfort to the breastfeeding mom.

·         Nursing covers protect your child from distraction, focusing on feeding.

·         Nursing covers are multi-functional.

·         Allow mothers to bond with baby while nursing.

·         They offer convenience and flexibility to move around.

·         Nursing covers protect your baby from airborne particles.

·         They allow moms to breastfeed discretely


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