About NM Creations

In 2013, after 18 years of being happily employed, expecting our second daughter, my husband and I decided that it was time for the ultimate career change. Being a stay at home MOM.

And whilst I loved the playing house phase, when my daughter reached the age of 2, having moved from Cape Town to Durban for the second time, with a little more spare time on my hands, I turned to my most loved hobby.

So this is how I started, my days were busy, shuffling the kids around, grocery shopping etc, etc. I had a bee in my bonnet because I did not enjoy lugging a giant baby bag around and typically having to empty the nag to find what I was looking for. The worst for me was when I dared to go into the mall without a nappy bag. Disaster, my daughter needed an urgent nappy change, I could not go back to the car. The easiest was to simply buy nappies, wipes and bum cream. What n expensive lesson for me, VIOLA the seed of the Natty Bag was born. 

My family are loving and supportive of me and my venture. It started with my kids and will continue with yours. After all, we all want the best for our children.